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AI – Augmented Government [Workshop]

  • Willard InterContinental Hotel 1401 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20004 United States (map)

Free for Government Attendees
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AI, machine learning and related technologies are poised to take automation to a whole new level. The goal is not to replace humans, but to augment their ability to do their job, whether that involves managing IT operations, analyzing data or delivering services. Market research firm Gartner has identified AI as a megatrend over the next ten years, because of its potential to drive innovation in other fields.

AI already is making its presence felt in such areas as advanced analytics, where it provides a foundation for predictive analytics; the Internet of Things, where it facilitates the aggregation and analysis of data gathered from networked devices; and IT operations, where it is creating new opportunities for automation.

This workshop will bring together IT leaders from government and industry to explore the future of AI and machine learning in government. The sessions—which include both agency strategic sessions and tech discussions—will look at key issues that agencies must consider when adopting AI-based solutions and highlight emerging best practices in early efforts in augmented government.

Potential topics to be addressed include:

  • The difference between automation and augmentation
  • The intersection of AI and analytics
  • AI and IT orchestration
  • Security in an augmented environment
  • Current and emerging standards and guidelines for AI
  • Future areas for AI-related growth