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Future Foundry: A New Strategic Approach for Military-Technical Advantage

Future Foundry builds on two years of research by the CNAS team describing the challenges faced by the global defense industry in Creative Disruption and considering the Department of Defense's attempts to maintain military-technical superiority in Beyond Offset. Through these prior projects, CNAS has helped establish a clear case that the DoD and its industry partners must adapt in order to cope with a changing threat landscape, the decentralization of innovation, and the democratization of technology. 

The DoD must develop and implement a new strategic approach to generate and maintain technological superiority; one that fundamentally shifts the basis of the DoD's advantage by creating an elegant alignment between the nation's strategic needs, available technologies, and the various business models through which the DoD develops and fields military capabilities. The Future Foundry Report provides a positive vision for how the Department of Defense can establish such an approach to generate military-technical advantage, drive institutional reform, and collaborate more effectively with a wide range of industry partners.